About Us

We are a family run business, catering for the carp angler and their family. Fishing in France can sometimes be daunting, problems like lack of facilities, language, strange rules, licenses and stories of big fish that never appear to name a few. We have experienced them all, so we decided to cater for the carp angler & their family ourselves.

Etang Du Soleil is 14 acres and has 9 pegs which gives each angler 1.5 acres to fish in. Pegs are booked in advance and they are booked on a first to book basis. We have also constructed a peg for a disabled angler, as again the disabled angler has little choice when fishing in France.

Each of us has over 20 years’ experience of carp fishing in England & France. Using our experience we will provide a service tailored for you, this may be advice and help on fishing our lake or where to go or what to do for the family.

On site we will have a comprehensive bait and tackle store offering quality bait and tackle at competitive prices. There will be no problem bringing your own bait, however this will have to be quality checked before you use it, ensuring our fish are healthy for you & others to catch.

We don’t forget, this is your holiday.

We are flexible to accommodate most needs; if you have any special requirements please contact us with full details.

About the Lake:

The lake is set in the sunny region of Limousin, just south of Limoges. Étang du Soleil translated this means Pond of the sun. The lake is 14 acres of mature carp lake surrounded by typical French countryside and farmland. The lake is pre Napoleonic which means we have all the relevant fishing licences and an automatic legal right to 24 hr fishing.

The lake bottom is made up of mainly sand, gravel and silt with a minimum of weed. Features include gravel bars and the original stream bed. The four bays in pegs 1, 3, 6/7 and 10 have typical carp features, overhanging trees great for stalking or setting up for a baiting session.

The Limousin region is famous for the Limousin beef Cow. We regularly share a field with these cows on pegs 8, 9 & 10 and occasionally on peg 1. They are non-aggressive, friendly and keep away from human contact, in very hot weather they sometimes drink from the lake and they can be very inquisitive. Please do not feed the farm animals and wildlife, they tend to want more and get over-friendly. The by-product off this activity is that the carp love these banks as it attracts zoo plankton which is a high source of protein for them.